As I hide my summer dresses and welcome the rainy seasons new jeans are a must.

I’m really picky with jeans since its a piece in your closet that needs to be sturdy and will last you ’til death do  you part, so a brand that can guarantee you that is where I head to!

They offer  trendy styles and basic ones too! Surely you’ll find something just for you with the perfect fit, shade and price!


Last Sunday my sister bought jeans at Mango, I refused to buy a pair myself because  I said I’d lose  weight first, bad idea.

Saturday of that week  I needed to wear jeans, but my “lose weight first” statement played back in my head and made me  realise that I should have trusted that they’d have a size that would fit my work-in-progress body.

So my sister has a pair… but you see my sister doesn’t like lending me clothes because I have a habit of just getting it  from her  closet, and when she needs it its on me, soooo I was hesitant to ask. But due to my desperation, I gave it  shot. I told her if she’d let me borrow  I’d  just buy her a new pair later that afternoon, and after begging and promising I got her oh so sweet, yes.

Now going back, I headed to Alabang Town Center with a mission to get the exact same pair to keep my promise, and yes! They still had it!   As I was paying they informed me that for all RCBC users there is a 30% off plus on all items, you can pay on instalment basis, but this amazing deal only is until June 15, 2016 in Mango and Mango Man stores!

Now who says says weight (wait) to a good  find?



jeans .jpg



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