Wingman: The Big Move

I’ve always known him, by name, by face, by group hangouts but I’ve never actually had a conversation – conversation with him until my best friend actually formally introduced us with a flight plan intended.

His lunch invite, with his wingman (my best friend) and, I to Wingman at the Collective.

My best friend and I got there ahead, and we super loved how cool the place looked. It looked like an air force base (well what I think an airforce base would look like)   with a clean and simple set-up. He said he was running late so we decided to browse through the menu. Familiar American dishes were there, and some eye-catching “I wonder what this is” meals were options too.

We decided to get something healthy, two Black Bean Burrito’s please!

We ordered for him in advance too, a dozen of wings in garlic parmesan and prairie fire flavor.

When he arrived he was surprised with the amount of wings laid out in front of him. So I heard wrong, he said “half a dozen” whoops. We helped him out, and it was definitely wingtastic. Plus! It was my first time to see someone eat wings with their hands and gloves, a very interesting thing to watch.

For dessert the three of us split a brownie, with vanilla ice cream on top. It was amazingly amazing, when we thought it couldn’t get any better there was a kick of pepper  in it, making the flavors play.

The meal we had was very American but still had a familiar Filipino taste to it, and there is a story behind that…

A Canadian man visiting the country meets a very grounded Filipina woman who is sporty, intelligent and beautiful — the product, Wingman. It was his big move to show how committed he was to her. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Now they have Wingman to show for their love story. They have branches in The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Makati City, and Acacia Estates Town Center, Taguig City. Visit their Instagram account @wingman_ph and for more information you can email them at or

Take your #WingmanCrew, enjoy a meal and see where it flies you.





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