I’m sorry  

 “Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.”

– Psalm 141:3 

I’m sorry for the way I spoke, how I reacted, how I ignored, slammed the phone or walked out the door– I’m sorry I didnt mean to. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t see what it would do to you, I didn’t see what it would do to us.  I don’t want to build a bridg that we’d have to cross to meet halfway. I want us to stay in the same palace and find comfort in each other.  I don’t wanna hurt your feelings and leave you alone, crying and overthinking. I wanna give you what you deserve, I wanna give you more than what you’ve given me. I want you to grow old happy. I want you to find yourself, feel loved, be comforted, stay protected, and cared for. I’m sorry I can’t give you all these wants–not yet,  but I won’t stop trying until one day I do. You need to soar, and start living, its your turn,its your time mom. 


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