Makalumang Alaala 

Taken at Harrison Plaza 

I remember as a child whenver we’d go our for family lunches they’d ask me where I wanted to go, and I’d always excitedly say “McDonalds!” 

When we went on roadtrips to travel from North to South to visit family the only stop we’d surely make was here. I used to even collect Snoopie from the Happy Meals.

While waiting for my parents as they’d go around the mall, they’d leave me in the playpens with my yaya and we’d both end up making friends. 

 Being a maarte kids as I was, i used to like wearing dresses and pretty flats with stockings on. I remember being able to glide on the tiles and go home with ripped and dirty stockings. The inner wild was beginning to surface. 

Oh and thisnis just a random billiards place with table tennis that reminded me of Grease. 

 “You better shape up up cause I need a man and my heart is set on you” 🎤


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