Memories to the Max 

These two caught my attention, the little kid wearing the same dress I used to have when I was prolly her age. 

The way she devoured the meal with gusto i found so adorable, I wish I experienced Max as a child. 

I have only tried their famous chicken earlier this year while my mom and grandmother told me stories on how they used to go to the QC branch and the whole family would feast on an entire chicken, back then single orders werent allowed. As time has changed more meals have been added to the menu, but several  things remained…

Their famous Banana Ketchup and Max’s worcestershire sauce that you blend together  as the perfect dip to their fried chicken. (Forgive the ugly photo, I was alone and didnt wanna look weird) 

The simple mixes that bring flavors together to the next level. 

Speaking of the next level, our events group has now partnered with Max to make their events more Max-able (Max + Memorable) starting next year, allowing the customers not have to worry and stress for preparations for events, all they must do is sit back, tell us what they want and it will be in our best efforts to make it happen! From birthdays, to weddings, to suprise proposals, you name it and we can talk about it. 

Max with their friendly and efficient servers have made an effort to make a mark and impact in peoples lives, so with that in mind for your next event why not take your memories to the max. 


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