Can I Be Furniture 

Can you just be a someone i have zero interaction with, let me just just pine over you like a grade school crush but semi stalk to you in a none creepy way and get kilig over the thought of our musical, sporty, weird imaginary dates. 
I hate the feeling of being conscious and not knowing what to say, the knots and thoughts that fill the tongue and fingers unable to type properly, lagging and losing depth of rawness.
I placed this upon myself though, the uncontrollable curiosity and the one sided magnet pull of what i wish was in the galaxy but set in reality. 
Let me be furniture, thats just there but you dont mind, maybe from time to time admire (wink wink) but you dont talk to, you dont talk to your couch, do you? 
Its just really not yet the season for either you and I so why be hopeful and want it to be anything more than what it is. Calm down and be Christmas lights, twinkle for the right season and when it ends you can keep me, miss me and look forward to decorating for the next celebration. 



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