Silk, lace and a sprinkle of silver 

For the past week all i’ve been wearing are oversized shirts i slept in, messy buns and workout shorts for the entire day. 
Eventually, I got sick and tired of them and wanted to look like a functioning being. 

So, I decided to start with my hair… 

I was tired of the blonde untrimmed strands of my hair that made me feel like corn, or a house broom so I changed it to a darker shade of brown, trying to blend it with the og color of my hair. They used organic stuff (i didnt get to ask what kind) and placed a treatment to make sure my hair doesnt get super dry. I got it done for P1700 which I think is a considerably decent price for the quality. I was quite hesitant to take this big step of having someone else touch my hair after a long lived colorful relationship I had with my moms childhood hair-dresser (he works magic but something happened… tale for a diff day… lets just say a camera and steak went missing) but my leap of faith was worth it, he caught me and took care of me. (CHAR. (Omg i cant believe i just said that but its bagay to the the trend of thought anywayyy))

Since it took 3 – 4 hours i decided to get my nails painted also, but my rule when doing so is to check the available polish colors first, if nothing catches my attention i don’t push through with it anymore (not unless i just go for a cleaning cause idk how to cut my nails and i’m scared of nails.) I fell hands over feet over a cream, a mint green and a pink color and was just planning to do what I used to do as a kid and let them place all 3 colors alternately but pffft what. no i am not a child, im twenty and and, well there is no more and… So I decided on a mint green on my left hand and a cream on my ring finger and vice versa for the other hand. (Pink for next time, self control gosh something I must learn) 

The outfit… 
I wore a thin strap slip on silk dress that was rose gold, i swear it was super comfy i felt so free! (Medyo pantulog daster vibes) An oversized lace cardigan to make it seem more dressy and texturized (the look) then i was deciding whether to wear beige pumps or silver-blue sandals (ting ting ting! Winner!) which was a better choice cause we ended up walking around tons that night. Added to the outfit was a silver necklace with the Eiffel Tower (around 5 mini ones), mint green blueish pearl earrings and a brown semi bulky handbag. 

The make up… 
I’m no expert at all, and I never experiment I’m boring in that sense (only with make up naman, with the rest of life i like trying new things and going on adventures) so what i did was… 
1. Washed my face
2. Dabbed (eyy) with tissue
3. Extra cleaned my face with toner  
4. Semi upward motion massaged my face with moisturizer 
5. Super dot dot dot foundation sprinkles then blend 
6. Concealer on eyebags and red spots 
7. Brush with eyebrows with eyebrow mascara  
8. Eyeshadow (Dark brown on the outer then light on the inner)
9. Powder all over 
10. Cheek bounce on each cheek around 5 times from the circles towards the bones 
10. Slight lip gloss 


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