Sunshine & Waves


A two hour drive,the air and the view you get is so worth it.

Welcome to Pico De Loro.

After dropping our things at the unit, the four of us went straight  for the beach. My mom stayed in to get her much waited and deserved slumber. We stayed in the ocean for a good one hour to the point our hands were wrinkled and our  lips were dry from all the salt water. Before heading to the shore, and bathing in the sun, we enjoyed a free body scrub from mother nature. (all natural, and my skin feels so smooth no joke, you  can feel jk)

Oh and of course I had to have a “tie-your-hair” photo, and the clouds looked so pretty one photo wouldn’t just do. I love the clouds, and the sun. I could spend hours with them. I think we’d be best buddies, no joke.

Mom decided she wanted to get Vitamin D, and she was already starving we had a super later lunch. She and Charles both got a Mang Inasal (I ate their tomatoes and red eggs) Justin got a meatball sandwich with fries, and my sister and I got a Margarita Pizza.

(The food was pretty pricey, so if you don’t wanna spend so much, bring food and cook at your place, it nurtures bonding and camaraderie;  good for team building. lol)

All good vibes.

Day two.

After all the years, i’ve been here it was my first time to not just photograph this bridge but to cross it too. (Never crossing a bridge again with these people+ Kat.)

Some sisterly bonding.

If you don’t know, I’m the cuddly sweet one, who always borrows her clothes and hangs out in her room while she’s the strong, independent mature one. (Super weird, additional short story… While we were swimming and she was in the far end in the water, I had weird thoughts of what if a shark came at her and pulled her, (eh I’m super scared of sharks like terrified, like I can’t swim in a POOL alone, because of that fear) in that moment I thought I’d still grapple the shark to get my sister back, so I guess thats how much I love her.)

 Taken by sister and she has more photos so click meow!

twenty fifteen, twenty sixteen, twenty seventeen

Bringing the sunshine of  happy & waves of calm back to Manila.



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