I fell… 

It’s not what you think…

To be honest, this is more of a “you guys should buy ones too!!!” post. So here it goes!


The mom-distressed jeans can be ordered in sizes 24,25,26,27,28,29, and 30, only in that colour at Php. 900.00.

The California Shirt, is available in other prints and colours at P150.00 at Clothier.

The oversized grey tank top is from Eren and it is available in Mustard and Grey, sizes Small, Medium and Large at P400.00

And lastly, the Starwars cap that you can get at CAPtion!


There we go! I am just obsessed with these jeans, because you can wear them anytime & anywhere, insert proper accesories and matchy matchy things to make it more fitting to the occasion.

I wasn’t into them at first, at all until I found the perfect ones for me, and that’s when I knew I’ve fallen… for my jeans! (And it fell for me too thats why they’re ripped… because they fell too…he he he)


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