Lunch? I’m a cheap date

I posted on Twitter, asking what are healthy food places in the South and no replies came in…

I couldn’t find a CHEWsday post… I was defeated…

Then as I was thinking our helper comes and serves me lunch, and I had a lightbulb moment! Why must I search near and far while this Creamdory was placed right in front of me.

My very minamalistic meal…

A Creamdory(fillet), seasoned with kalamansi (you can use lemons also) with pepper & a cup of rice!

It’s a meal that was suggested to me, to help reduce acne and weight gain. So far, its been pretty helpful when I consistently do it.

See? You don’t have to take me out to lunch, home-cooked meals will sweep me off my feet. Ain’t I a cheap date?


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