Art Fair 2017 : 5, 6, 7 Roof 

This photo isn’t straight, I have difficulty with linear lines may it be with pen and paper or phone and computer. 

The piece is by Aiko Tezuka, and I was drawn to it because of it’s unique texture. I wanted to touch it… 

(It didnt say I couldn’t so I was allowed to right?) 

The Oneiric Time Piece 
By: Marc Aran Reyes 
#marcaranreyes #artunderground 

Other than the beauty of the framing and that its in black and white, its morebreathtaking  because it’s a painting. Please do zoom in to see how detailed and clean it is. 

Astro Bling 

By: Gabriel Lichauco, Filip Houdex, and Josef Hlavenka

This was such a pretty way to play with light, steel and glass. Along with this set was a hanging light that I just wanted to take home despite it not matching the interior of our house. 

I didnt see the title of this piece, but yeah isn’t it beautiful? 

The World Is Upheld by a Cow of Blue By: Elaine Navas 

I hope, I got the title of this right. The names and arrangements got mixed it up on my phone. I’m sorry! But yet, again I love the texture and color of this. Even the lighting, gives it an illusion. 

Performance Art by a former professor, on my first day of school, I was shocked and my view on what art changed. 

The entire experience, made me see how much art has to offer. How wide, deep, far, plain, colorful, diverse beyond and indepth it is. The amount of people it brings together, and speaks to each individual creating a new memory yet triggering an old one, bringing understanding and a birth to a new idea that leads to an action that will only be explained by the process of creation. 

More photos of my faves! ❤️

And ofcourse I covered one of them and tried to match the aesthetic.  

And a  semi-candid one cause I was really looking at it and my friend was taking a photo but it took awhile to focus so I noticed and stared at the artwork  extra longer… 

And lastly, this made me gulat (**surprised–my reaction is better expressed with gulat)) 



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