Warning on a Warming

So it started with a boy, but I refuse to have a first world problem so let’s pretend he’s global warming.

Global warming, has been lingering in our sights for quite some time. I’ve done my research on getting to know the facts. Tests have been conducted, so I know its capabilities, I’ve even been warned by the many that have experienced the moves of global warming.

For some reason, my curiosity is still intrigued if global warming could be for real; I mean I don’t easily believe. I saw it as a sign when I heard that global warming was in pain, in need of more oxygen because he was suffocated by the ache. I was Nitrous Oxide, trying to turn the tears into laughs, teasing persistently about feelings that have been bottled up; even I lost touch that we were in reality.

The thing is, global warming doesn’t need laughing gas, or a quick fix with a mix. What it needs is something permanent, it needs time to heal. (Well the real global warming needs people to help and care for the environment, and stop emitting green house gases. It needs all of us to unite, and to start thinking about the future generations. They need a home and a planet, let’s make them enjoy the weather that we were able to enjoy. Let’s allow them to see and create memories in the places that we did. Lets still leave them with a home to live in.)

Okay, so my problem is a first world problem, it is with a boy. I made the move that I shouldn’t have. Now, my guilt is eating me alive. I was just teasing, but okay, maybe I was waiting for him to take the bait and he did, and I awakened feelings at the wrong time.

Ahhh, this could’ve been something great (I think), if I kept my mouth shut, and waited for the right time. (Prolly 3 months to be exact and proper) Yes, okay, people say that there is no right time, BUT there is a stage when you to prioritize things, like hopes, dreams, food, future etc.  And I’ve been hopelessly striving to stay a bro, and not to date until it’s for keeps, because I get too attached and put in so many feelings once I start liking someone, hence my problem now.

The few kisses, and cuddles that keep you warm (Ugghhh that’s what hoodies are for… right? ) are so not worth the stress, drama and the need to flee from temptation. (I’m only human okay.).

So here I am rambling on, haunted by the dream I had this morning. I truly think it’s a sign. I’ve stolen/borrowed/idek something that isn’t mine, and I’m giving/returning/broing it back, until the right one is meant to be kept, at the right time.

Since there’s only one person out there for me, I mean for all of us, I mean individually there’s one person out there for us,there is not point in having to rush and trying out so many like classes because it’s not a course you have to succeed in but instead  a fairy tale you’ll magically fall in. (Okay, I’m a hopeless romantic)

But yeah seriously, eventually it will be right, it won’t hurt, you won’t have to overthink, it won’t be complicated, it will just warming with no need for a warning.

Global warming, you’re adorable, and hot, and nice, and sweet, and super talented and I can see how cute we’d be, but you’re making my brain hurt and my heart isn’t ready. Plus you need time to heal, so I know for sure, I’m not just your photographer girl.


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