Obedience and Consistency, both very difficult things for me to apply in life. I swear it’s such a struggle.

Doing my devo is a must to ensure my day will go smoothly. I know it doesn’t work that way, it’s not a lucky charm nor an act that a blessed day will be born from, but on my own personal experience, whenever I am able to do this first thing in the morning, I seem to stay calmer and respond better towards life and the world.

This week I was able to do this consistently, still with the mission to finish reading the whole bible from cover to cover. I have successfully journey from Genesis to Exodus with interesting stories that I feel like I’m watching a movie, but now i’m in a chapter where it’s genre really isn’t my taste – Leviticus.

It’s honestly full of rules, that are so specific, and full of no’s and those are just things all combined what I don’t like. But before writing this, it was so amazing that the chapter I read, was about God’s holiness and our obedience. He takes his rules very seriously, and in the olden days once you don’t obey you die, and nor more second chances, plus the rules are super long and detailed, so if you miss a spot you’re dead. That made me reflect on how much of a privilege we have now. The rules are the same, yet he doesn’t strike us dead when we sin, but instead, he gives us unlimited chances and a Holy Spirit  to help us. He knows that we will sin, He knows we won’t be able to obey every command and law, that’s why He wants us to humble ourselves, to ask for His help and guidance, and at the same time, that has to go hand in hand with our obedience.

So we ask for advice, and help, but He can only do so much since He gave us free will, it will be up to us if we’re going to obey.

And as I go through Leviticus, it may not be my fave read, but I am starting to see that it’s a way of practicing obedience and consistency. Also, a chapter where I thought I wouldn’t get and understand I’m slowly realising more and more things.


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