Happy Skin

Super straight to the point: I always struggled with acne, and i always wore too much make up trying to mask it or i turned my hair into curtains. 

I tried everything… When I say everything, I mean everything.

From home-made oatmeal masks, to sugar scrubs, to high-intensity chemical toners.

The amount of money I’ve spent on my face, is way more expensive than my life… Okay maybe not, or maybe ish… Anyway you get the point. It was ridiculous 

So I went to see Doctor Verallo, from VMV Hypoallergenics, a brilliant, foxy woman, who looks young and fresh!

She asked me what my habits were, what I ate, how much I worked out, the hours I slept, the make-up I used…

The diagnosis…

My acne was genetic, and hormonal. I don’t know the exact scientific words for them but that’s the gist.

The treatment:

  1. 3 months of isotretinoin roaccutane 2x a day (need a prescription and you can’t get/be pregnant)
  2. Facial wash 2x a day (and wash your face whenever it feels oily or sticky, no facial wash needed just pure clean water)
  3. Moisturizer in the morning before putting make-up (This is kinda what I use as my primer)
  4. Toner at night (So you can be squeky clean)
  5. Acne gel at night (If you have  a new baby zit growing, it dries it up right away!)
  6. Baby Boo-Boo whenever lips are dry (Or when you just want your lips shiny and kissable looking)
  7. Once a month facial (or once in two months)
  8. A glass of water every hour  (I have an alarm on my phone)
  10. All make up hypoallergenic or minerals  (Next vlog/blog, still deciding)
  11. No salty food. (Had to say goodbye to Lays Salt and Vinegar huhu)
  12. Don’t get a boyfriend that will stress you out. (Joke, nothing stressful in general)

The products:

 So yes, as high maintenance as I may sound, I have come to accept it.

Some people are just naturally born with wonderful and glowing skin, while some like me are still human who need to work on it with extra TLC and a little VMV. 

I’m not saying my skin is now super perfect  pore less that never gets breakouts, it still in the works, but it definitely feels happier.

Happy skin, happy me.

Lets all be happy!



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