Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve recently been overflowing with self doubt, filled with thoughts questioning where i’m at with my life, my capabilities and where i’m going. I think its called a quarter life crisis. 
Elevate Taft, started a new series called Minecraft with the speaker Kuya Gabo Obligacion with a message entitled, Jesus Loves You, Look to Jesus. 
He started off with a quote: 

The fastest wag to kill something special is to compare it to something else.

-Craig Groeschel 

Huh, maybe thats why i’ve been feeling so insecure. I was too focused checking out whats on the other side of the fence instead of appreciating the beauty of whats growing and flourishing on my side of the yard. 
In Psalm 73:1-11 the story of Asaph is told. He humbled himself to God telling his woes on how insecure he felt. He served, obeyed and loved God but he questioned why he didn’t have the same amount of richest compared to those who didn’t follow God. 

The lyrics to a song popped into my head: 
“Why do good things happen to bad people, bad people who don’t deserve it.” 🎶

It just amazed me how a problem of ancient times is still something that exists still today. 
And in the verses found in the story of Asaph, it shows that insecurity comes from comparing your life to others. 

But we are not left with only that, because the way to fight it is perspective. 

The story goes on and shows that the right view of God’s plan is what will help assure us and will set aside those insecurities. 

We must not hold on to the Earthly things, such as money, achievements, fame and many more but instead we should focus our attention to what is eternal; our life with Christ. 

There is Someone who loves you for everything you are, so there is no need to please the world. All you have to do is love Him back, and live a life pleasing to him. 

Yes He does not forget we are human, that is why time and time we fail Him, He takes us back as long as we run into His arms and ask for forgiveness. 

As we live here on Earth lets Hebrew 12:1-3 be an inspiration. 
Run with perseverance the race marked out for us, run with our eyes fixed onto Jesus because He loves you. 

Elevate Taft, every Thursday at 6pm til 8pm at the 7th Floor Grand Towers, Malate Manila. Come and drop by to learn and grow in your walk with Jesus. ❤️


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