Passion Fest 2015

Makilahok sa Sari Saring Saya

The tradition of colourful music, the spirit of friendliness and hospitality brings us back to our good old fashion fiesta! You don’t need to go out of town to experience this Filipino celebration because it is right at the heart of Bonifacio High Street where urban living is at its finest.  Makilahok sa sari saring saya, in this year’s Passion Fest filled with games, art, and even a parade!

The inviting scent of very familiar Filipino dishes such as Lechon and Adobo will welcome you. Some booths will give you a cross cultural food experience, by making these dishes with a twist. The sweet call of the deserts will not be overlooked, having different variations of ice creams and pastries.

A fiesta filled with fun activities to be enjoyed by friends and family. It will have you reminiscing on your childhood and your Filipino routes.

There is a wacky obstacle course at the middle of high street, booths with different games, and towards the end an arts and crafts session. Here you can decorate your own clay pot!

This wouldn’t be complete without showcasing the resourcefulness and passion for art of Filipinos. Their creativity will be seen through the recyclable items they have transformed into new and useful things that are sold along with paintings, bags, shirts, accessories and many more.

Lastly, a  Bayanihan parade as a memorable way to end the festivities.


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